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Keith Urban "Kiss A Girl"
Just Out of curiousity, how many girls would be willing to kiss an Urban? Exactly, Keith would have no trouble finding a girl to kiss. So why sing a song about it?
Well, that's off the point. Keith's new single is a fun song that will get radio listeners and Keith fans wanting to hear more and more. While the song may seem strange after hearing a song like "Sweet Thing", "Kiss a Girl" was a great choice for a follow-up. Let's just hope for Keith's sake that he doesn't want to kiss any other girl other than his wife. The very beginning, when it just features an electric guitar carrying the tune of the entire song, introduces a song that even after two seconds, you know you'll enjoy. The chorus is rather interesting, "I wanna kiss a girl/I wanna hold her tight/I wanna make a little magic in the moonlight/Don't wanna go to far just to take it slow/but I shouldn't be lonely in this big ol' world/I wanna kiss a girl." Slow, world, girl? The first three lines of the chorus are genius, yet the last three lines say "Wait, what just happened?" 
Overall, this song is just all-around strange. It's good, not great. Keith's voice sounds wonderful too. But in parts it sounds stupid. Keith could do better, basically.
3 stars