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Jason Aldean- "She's Country"
I really don't think I, or anyone for that matter, could classify Jason Aldean as an artist. I mean, we have heared some nice softer-toned songs from him, such as "Amarillo Sky", "Laughed Until  We Cried", "Why", and "Relentless", all songs which represent Jason's true country side as an artist. And then we have songs like "Hicktown", "Johnny Cash", and now "She's Country", which I think don't and should never belong on country radio. Even though the woman that Jason is singing about may be country, this song isn't even close. The main instrument used in this song is a rock-electric guitar, which obviously, makes the song sound more rock than anything. The song is defiately likeable, because it has a fun-up beat sound to it. But, I will say it again: This song does not and never will belong on the country radio.
Song Rating: 2 1/2 stars.