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Dierks Bentley- "Sideways"
Honestly, this song writes its own review. And it definately is a sideways, backwards, up-side down one. From the very first line in this song, you can tell Dierks is singing in a bar. Either that or a night club. My question is, why on earth would Dierks' label decide to release this as a follow-up to "Feel That Fire"? Honestly, as a second single, a more softer-toned song like "Come a Little Closer" or "Long Trip Alone" would have been a better choice as a second single. I would have liked hearing this song as a single, because it has "radio hit" all over it, but not as a 2nd single off of  the previous #1 album. If you listen, the song's tune sounds like something you would hear on High School Musical, not that anything is wrong with that, but we want something more High School from Dierks. Overall, the song is fun, easy to like. And I have no complaints about this song being country, but the timing in the release is wrong. But, honestly, I like the song, but I am not impressed with it.
Song Rating: 3 1/2 stars