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Reba "Strange"
Original? Yes.
Strange? Yes.
Radio Hit Potential? Yes
Something we'd expect from Reba? No.
Reba's new single lets us hear something we haven't heared from Reba for too long, and that is a true up-beat song! Bored with "Every Other Weekend", Saddened with "Cowgirls Don't Cry", but finally, a Reba song that isn't boring, sad, or any other bad quality! Maybe a little rambunxious. This song is about something that you wouldn't normally think about: Broken, Woken, and then Mind-Spoken. It starts out with Reba singing about how her boyfriend dumped her and now she is Broken-hearted and thinks she will never get over him. Then she is Woken to find out that she doesn't need him, and that she is just fine, although the circumstance is a little "Strange". Then she is Mind-Spoken as she picks up her stuff from her ex's place and tells him that he's wastin' time! This is the song that I have been waiting for Reba to sing! I don't want to picture her as the 54 year old singer that she is, I want to picture her as a true artist who can pull off songs to make her seem much younger than what she is! Who would guess after hearing this that Reba is in her 50's? Hopefully we will continue to hear material like this from her, because I am eating this up! Great job!

4 stars