Top 40 Country Hits & Top 20 Fanvoted

Rascal Flatts- "Summer Nights"
It's finally that time of year again when you start to hear some fun songs on country radio. Rascal Flatts kick that everlasting tradition off this year with their summer anthem "Summer Nights". Since summer is just around the corner, we need a song like this, just a fun song to get your spirits up. It has been way too long since hearing a song like this from Rascal Flatts, and now that we have, I am really enjoying it. This song dows have a few downsides, though. Like the lyrics, if you listen they are stupid, but these boys deliver the song in such a fun way, you don't want to listen to the lyrics! Gary's vocals, though not used to his full potential, make the song even more enjoyable.
Overall, the boys of Rascal Flatts better be ready for a summer hit, because they have one!

4 Stars