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Phil Vassar- "Bobbi With an I"
There are three types of songs: 1. Songs I love | 2. Songs I hate | 3. Songs I really don't give a rip about. Unfortunately, the talented Phil Vassar's latest single falls under the #2 category. I am a huge fan of Phil Vassar's music, but the first time I really heard this, I thought, "Wait, what the heck?". I even wondered if this was the same guy who sang "Just Another Day In Paradise", "American Child", and more recently, "Love is a Beautiful Thing", and "I Would". This song is a train wreck from the beginning "Hey Baby!", or the end "i i i". More like i yi yi! This song is one of the worst songs written lyrically ever! And actually, no one really cares about a dude named Bobbi, with an i instead of y. The song is about Bobby, obviously, who is a strong all-around great at any sport kind of guy. But he decides to be a retard and walk around town as Bobbi, not Bobby. "So if someone hollers 'Hey there's a chick in the men's room', we just smile and say 'No, that's just Bobbi with an i. He isn't just one of the guys, with his pink party dress, you never would guess, he benches .335. You'd better watch how much you drink, he might look better than you think..." Now, now, now... or maybe Why why why..... Honestly, no one should ever sing this song. But Phil did. And now he's getting slammed by me because he sang a song that wouldn't even sound good sung by anyone. Ever. "Hey, who's that girl with those shapely sexy thighs" Um, ok, you'll be lucky to make it to this part of the song, but what the heck? I mean honestly this is such a horrible song. And the horrible guitar solo before that awful line. And the most annoying part of this song is the horrible HORRIBLE background voice. Honestly. Do you be surprised when Tranata comes out with the worst songs of 2009 at the end of the year and this song is close to the top.

1 star

Darryl Worley- "Sounds Like Life to Me"
Just by the title, you might say the song would be a "Psh It Happens" type of song. And yeah, sort of. Darryl Worley has become well known to me because of songs like "Have You Forgotten" and "I Just Came Back From A War". And Darryl's latest song doesn't dissapoint at all! Honestly, I think this is a Darryl Worley signature song. As in no one else could possibly sing it enjoyably. This song lyrically is so true. Life is going to happen, and Darryl tells that in such an enjoyable musical way. I hope this song is a big hit, because Darryl has everything right with this song. I know this review is short, but there isn't much left to say.

4 1/2 stars.

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